Seminar za dinamičke sustave

13.04.2021 - 14:15 - 16:00
On Tuesday, 13/04/2021, at 14.15h,

Vesna Županović, University of Zagreb, will give a talk in Dynamical Systems Seminar in Zagreb under the title:


Resolution of singularities and fractal analysis
Abstract: The close link between the theory of singularities and the oscillatory integrals is well known, where the toric resolution plays a key role. In the paper [1] we study geometrical representation of oscillatory integrals with an analytic phase function and a smooth amplitude with compact support. Geometrical properties of the curves defined by the oscillatory integral depend on the type of a critical point of the phase. Explicit formulas for the box dimension and the Minkowski content of these curves,  and the sketch of the proof will be given. The Newton diagram and the Fourier transform will be used.

[1] J.-P. Rolin, D. Vlah, V. Županović, Oscillatory integrals and fractal dimension, Bull. Sci. math. 168 (2021)  pp. 1-31


The talk will be held in room 102 at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, with live broadcast  via Zoom platform:

Topic: Seminar DYNSYS
Meeting ID: 881 5457 8830

Everybody is invited. IMPORTANTIn case that you would like to come to FER in person, please inform me in advance to assure distancing in the room. 


Best regards,

Maja Resman


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